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Shifters in my Sheets 2The best of the bundles is that you get a lot of good stories for pennies. Always find surprises because sometimes there is a sequel to a book I have read or a story about other character in a series I liked. I never been let down. Always find something new that satisfy my curiosity. Some of the stories in this bundle were really different and made me read them twice. Umm, interesting development of the plot. Others were very intriguing and suspenseful. A few had second parts but looks like they will be interesting too. Love the intrigue and suspense in the stories (besides the steamy hot sex). I read and enjoyed all of them. I recommend the bundle.Received the ARC for an honest reviewThe Panther Promise by Amanda JonesMike was patrolling in the night and rescuing people that needed help. He had been doing that since he left the pack with Jonathan ten years ago. They had to leave because Mila’s father had killed Jonathan family. Mike attacked Mila’s father and killed him before he killed Jonathan. The memories still haunted him. He was restless and went for a run but he was not expecting to see her again, the woman he loved, Mila. Mila was in the run and she knew her father and the pack was tracking her. She was hurt, scare and weak but she would not come back. Ten years ago, Mike had left her when she most needed him and now she was by herself. Her father and the pack were almost upon her, no way to escape and then... Impossible! There was him, Mike. Now, they had to fight for they lives. Interesting story about fated mates, their struggle with their lives in the pack, the evil leader struggling for power and the search for love. Good and interesting characters. Have suspense, action, hot sex and I was intrigue about Jonathan because I had not read his story so, I’ll go after his book soon.American Tigers: Siberian Souls Book 1 by Claire RyannTwo years ago Kerri got downsized of the company she worked and she decided to go explore the world. At 28 years old and feeling unattractive she went traveling the world backpacking. She had not found a worthwhile romance. Hah! She had not found a man worth. No man appreciated her curves. She took the Trans-Siberian train in search of adventure and there he was. A MAN! A huge and gorgeous man in pajamas that aroused her immediately. The man was hot and as soon as he saw her he took her to his opulent coach in the train rear. Suddenly they were having steamy hot sex! Everything was sudden. She can’t think, only feel. He treated her as his own. Evan told her that he was in Russia taking care of the family business because he was from Texas. He wanted to treat her and they left the train to go to the city for two days. Kerri was feeling cherished. Other men in her life had made her feel self-conscious, like judging her but Evan was different. Make her feel safe and protected .They spent the night in a hotel having hot sex and Evan received a phone call that worried him. Somebody was trying to blackmail his family! They have secrets and there were threats. Kerri was hesitating but Evan needed her to trust him. Could she? Interesting story with mystery, suspense and lot of sex. This was an amusing and entertaining story but it has a cliffhanger so, we have to wait to know the outcome of Kerri’s adventure.Silverback Shift by Artemis WolffeLyle Harris, CEO of SoftShift, was a silverback gorilla shifter. Only his family knew about it. He had been lonely for many years. He had not found someone special for him. Now there was a breach in his company that needed to be fixed fast so, he hired an intern, Gunna Gray to deal with the problem. During the job interview each one was eyeing the other and they were liking what they were seeing. Gunna’s mother was sick and to deal with his mother hospital bills he had an extra job, landscaping. Talia, the secretary, gave him the opportunity to make a little money doing the boss landscaping and he went for it but he tripped and felt in the yard seeing what he was not supposed to see. The attraction between Lyle and him was strong. They make out with a steamy sex encounter and talked about secrets but friends and a drunken night were Gunnar’s enemies. The loss of Gunnar struck Lyle hard. Would they fix Lyle lack of trust? Interesting and entertaining story. New kind of shifter this gorilla silverback. Trapped in a Gilded Cage: Sold to the Alpha Book 1 by Cara WyldeAvelyn is at Alma Venus Boarding School doing her worst to avoid been purchased by a shifter like she was a merchandise. That was the business of the school, to prepare young women to be the bride of a shifter and she won’t accept that. She wanted to be free to do as she desired and she had a plan. When lupis alpha Max Blackmane went to the school after a bride he was captivated by the defiant Avelyn. She had sword not to accept be owned by a shifter but the alpha was intriguing, sexy and she gave him a second look. He bought her and she tried to escape before leaving the school but got caught. Max took her to Schloss Blackman, his home. He was going to teach her how to be a good lupis bride. Will she go ahead with her plans to not succumb to the alpha? Interesting and strong heroine. Intriguing story with a different plot. This story consist of six parts and this is the first. Luckily I already have the second part. Shifter’s Curse by Deva LongJeslie Mathers had been bitten by Josiah Rufen. He was a vampire and the leader of the Sunwalkers motorcycle club. But she was nor turned into a vampire. No, she was infected by a great sexual urge. Rufen had been married to her mother and when she died he went after Jeslie. At first Jeslie was mesmerized thinking he wanted her but soon realize he turned her because he was after the land, the factory and her ability to breed with a vampire. She had rejected him and now he was to punish Aubrey Wills, her ranch hand, Jeslie and took everything from her. They were the law in there and nobody went against them. But there came Jack Norman, a Son of Thunder. Now, Jeslie was Eve and he The Apple! To share and have fun. This was a very different story. Had a few of everything, suspense, intrigue BDSM, remember me Clint Eastwood in the Westerns and very hot sex. Did a double check.Bearly Hanging On by Wednesday RavenHolden Ryder was looking for someone to fall in love. He was a bear shifter and had a tattoo shop, Bearskin Tattoos. He made a bet with one of his partners. He was to stay celibate for six month because he was tired on the cheating women in his life. If he didn’t comply the partner will own the shop. Emily had six, plus or minus month a few weeks of life. And there were a lot of things that she wanted to do before her departure. First thing in her list was a tattoo and she went to Holden shop. Holden was impress with the fragile woman. He felt that she was his fated mate and wanted to know more about her, he did the tattoo and gave her his card but he had to wait for her to call him back. Emily was interested in Holden but hesitating she had not called him. After the tattoo Emily was thinking in the second point in her list, a one night stand. Holden seemed like a good candidate and she felt bold, so she called him for a date. They were making out and suddenly Holden retreated and Emily left. Then she decided to do drastic changes but something happened. This was a short story with emotion, romance and sex. There is a second part where we will know what happened with Emily and Holden.Rogue Bear by Amelia JadeCalan Winters was returning to his home town, set on finding a mate. He had bad memories about his shifter parent murder but he didn’t want to be alone anymore. He was ready to settle, find a job and a woman with enough meat to hold onto and mate with her. He saw Haley in the bar and knew she was the one for him. Harley Hammond didn’t want any to do with men. She had been cheated and deceived too much and that was enough. She knew the men were not interested in a curvy bear shifter. When she saw Calen she felt draw to him but she didn’t trust him and rejected his advances. Harley’s father, the Fire Department Chief, knew Calen and gave him a job at the Fire Station where Harley worked. He was taking it slow trying to gain her confidence and they got intimate but Harley was doubting his intentions. She left his cabin and got directly to danger. This story was about trust and healing. Good characters, good plot development and scenes with hot sex.The Problem with Paddy by Holley TrentDana Slade was the owner of the detective agency Shrew & Company. She and other four women had been part of research drug trial that had gone wrong and now they have developed some mutations. Dana had been a police officer and fired because of her physical problems. It had been bad for her. Her ex-boyfriend was the one who enroll her in the clinical study hoping to “help her with the stress” and then when things were not as expected he left her alone. But she took advantage of her new reality. She was the best in her line and had a new client who was missing, Patrick O’Dwyer, owner of a pub. Paddy had his own problems and he was not missing, he was hiding. While in the mountains he had been bitten by mountain lions, was infected and now he was waiting for the full moon to see what was going to happen with him. With her enhanced skills Dana found his whereabouts in three hours. They felt attracted to each one and soon were sharing their secrets about the changes and having sex. But still there was the things that had cause his change and danger was lurking in the dark. This characters are really interesting. Intrigue, suspense, romance, sex, detective and spy action and the introduction to characters for new stories. Billionaire Alpha Seeks Curves by Cynthia FoxPeter Zelnick was a rich bear shifter with a company, Kohl Manufacturing and now had his new brand of lingerie Curves and Lace. He had been a lonely bear shifter who appreciated the curves of a feminine body and wanted a curvy woman for his mate. He had been his shifter tribe’s hope to thrive and he didn’t let them down. During a stroll he heard a woman laughing and he knew she was the one, his curvy fated mate. Mia Carter, a teacher at Westwood Charter School was going to be his but she was human and he had to be careful. His cousin, Charles, helped him with his new mission, to get to know her and make her fall for him. Mia had been alone too much time. Even her students knew it. When she met Peter she felt good and she had a new friend in the park who also made her feel good. Time to give herself an opportunity. Peter used his wolf form to gain her but now how he was going to tell her the truth? Lovely story about fated mates. Love the characters and the development. Was funny, interesting characters, had romance, sex and good emotions. My Soul to Bear by Terra WolfLily had sought therapy because her nearly rape experience that made her unable to tolerate be touched by a man. She had flashbacks and nightmares and Dr. Robert Stevens was her therapist. Unknown to her he was the bear who had saved her from her attacker at the park. The treatment sessions had already begun when he discovered she was the one he helped and now he was doing his best to help her with her fears and uncover her memories. He had not fulfilled a passionate life for him and he felt she was his fated mate but she was his patient and he had to be careful. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore. It was hard for Lily but when she was hypnotized and began to remember things changed for her. Intriguing with an alpha shifter with an unusual work for a shifter.

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